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MultiStore for consolidating servers

If you manage multiple application or operating system servers, you can store all of the data on one storage system for easier administration. You can consolidate the servers by partitioning the storage system into vFiler units and then copying the data from the servers to the vFiler units.

If the vFiler units are for CIFS users, you can set up the vFiler units to use the same computer names as the servers. This enables CIFS clients to share resources without having to remap their drives or search for the new server in Network Neighborhood. If the vFiler units are for NFS users, the NFS clients might need to remount the file systems, or they can use the automounter to automatically mount the file systems from the new locations.

The following illustration shows how multiple servers can be consolidated and can share the same resources:

A storage system that does not have MultiStore enabled can participate in only one security domain. Therefore, if your environment requires that different groups of CIFS users be in different domains, you must use multiple storage systems. MultiStore enables you to install each vFiler unit in the appropriate domain while keeping all of the data on the same physical storage system.

Because you can set up NIS and DNS servers for individual vFiler units, after you consolidate the servers on one storage system, network clients of the vFiler units can continue to use the same NIS and DNS servers as before.