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Guidelines for using SnapMirror technology

You can use the snapmirror command on a nondefault vFiler unit in the same way as you do on a storage system. You can perform SnapMirror operations on a vFiler unit only when a vFiler unit has a volume as root storage resource. However, there are some exceptions.

The exceptions are as follows:

For more information, see the na_snapmirror(1) man page.

Additionally, SnapMirror in a MultiStore context has the following features:

Note: SnapMirror relationships between vFiler units and all the Snapshot copies in vFiler units are destroyed before a revert operation.

When specifying a path name in the/etc/snapmirror.conf file, ensure that you use the storage system name, and not the vFiler unit name. For more information, see the na_snapmirror.conf(5) man page.