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Disabling MultiStore

If you are not using vFiler units, you can disable MultiStore.

Before you begin

About this task

Depending on the hardware platforms, you can disable MultiStore either by deleting the license key or by turning the option off.
You must disable the MultiStore license for the following hardware platforms:
  • 3040 and 3070
  • 31xx
  • 60xx

For all other supported hardware platforms, you must disable the MultiStore option.


  1. Depending on your hardware platform, enter the appropriate command to disable MultiStore:
    If you want to... Enter the following command...
    Disable the MultiStore option
    options licensed_feature.multistore.enable off
    Disable the MultiStore license
    license delete multistore


Disabling MultiStore has the following effects:
  • MultiStore becomes unavailable immediately.
  • You can no longer use the vfiler and ipspace commands.