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Stopping a vFiler unit

You can stop a vFiler unit if you need to troubleshoot or destroy a vFiler unit.

About this task

After you stop a vFiler unit, the vFiler unit can no longer receive packets from clients.
Note: You cannot stop vfiler0.
The stopped state is not persistent across reboots. When you reboot the storage system, the vFiler unit that was stopped before the reboot operation resumes automatically.
Note: If the vFiler unit has an active interactive SSH session, you must terminate the session before stopping the vFiler unit.

When you stop a vFiler unit that has static or default routes associated with it, then these routes are migrated to a running vFiler unit in the same IPspace and belonging to the same subnet.


  1. Enter the following command to stop the vFiler unit:
    vfiler stop vfilertemplate

    vfilertemplate is the name of the vFiler unit that you want to stop.


    Assume the storage system supports two vFiler units: vfiler1 and vfiler2. The following command stops all vFiler units, except vfiler0:

    vfiler stop *
    The following message appears after you enter the command:
    vfiler stop *
    vfiler1                          stopped
    vfiler2                          stopped