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Creating an IPspace

IPspaces are distinct IP address spaces in which vFiler units reside. You create IPspaces when you need your vFiler units to have their own secure storage, administration, and routing.

About this task

You can have a maximum of 101 IPspaces per storage system. Of the 101 IPspaces, one is created by default when you enable MultiStore on your storage system. You can create the remaining 100 IPspaces on the storage system.

You can use an alphanumeric string, 1 to 31 characters long, as the IPspace name.

All the IPspace names you create on a storage system must be unique. However, the interfaces that are mapped to each other in an HA pair must belong to the same IPspace.


  1. To create an IPspace, enter the following command:
    ipspace create ipspacename

    ipspacename is the IPspace name that you want to create.


    To create IPspace1 on a storage system, enter the following command:

    ipspace create ipspace1

After you finish

You can now assign an interface to the IPspace.