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Types of vFiler unit administrators

Two types of administrators can manage the vFiler units on a storage system: a vfiler0 administrator and a vFiler administrator.

A vfiler0 administrator can manage the hosting storage system and the other vFiler units on the storage system. A vfiler0 administrator has all the privileges to manage the vFiler units and the storage system. A vfiler0 administrator can switch to any vFiler unit's context and execute the commands from that vFiler unit. However, when the vfiler0 administrator switches the context to a vFiler unit, the privileges are the same as those of a vFiler administrator.

A vFiler administrator can manage a specific nondefault vFiler unit on a storage system. A vFiler administrator does not have all the privileges of a vfiler0 administrator. The vFiler administrator role and the credentials are specific to a nondefault vFiler unit. After logging in to a vFiler unit, a vFiler administrator can identify the list of commands to execute on a vFiler unit.