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What MultiStore is

MultiStore is a feature for Data ONTAP software that enables you to partition the resources of a single storage system so that it appears as multiple "vFiler unit" storage systems on your network.

Each storage system created as a result of the partitioning is called a vFiler unit. A vFiler unit, using the resources assigned, delivers file access and block access services to its clients the same way that a storage system does.

The storage system on which you create vFiler units is called the hosting storage system. The storage and network resources used by the vFiler units exist on the hosting storage system.

The storage resource assigned to a vFiler unit can be one or more qtrees or volumes. The network resource assigned can be one or more base IP addresses or IP aliases associated with network interfaces. You can add storage and network resources to a vFiler unit at any time. You can also remove these resources from a vFiler unit at any time.

You can use IPv4 and IPv6 addresses as network resources that can be assigned to the vFiler units. To use IPv6 addresses on the vFiler units, you must enable the IPv6 protocol on the hosting storage system. You must not disable the IPv6 protocol on a hosting storage system that has vFiler units. If you do so, you see a warning message similar to the following: vfilers are configured with IPv6 addresses. This option cannot be disabled.

For more information about enabling or disabling IPv6 on the hosting storage system, see the Data ONTAP Network Management Guide for 7-Mode.