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MultiStore for service providers and enterprises

Service providers, such as ISPs and SSPs, can partition the resources of a storage system to create many vFiler units for client companies. Similarly, the information technology (IT) department of an enterprise can create vFiler units for various organizations, or customers, within the enterprise.

The administrator for each customer can manage and view files only on the assigned vFiler unit, not on other vFiler units that reside on the same storage system. In addition, there is no data flow between vFiler units. A customer using a vFiler unit is assured that no sensitive information is exposed to other customers that store data on the same storage system.

For example, an SSP can create the following vFiler units on a storage system:

Although both CompanyA and CompanyB store data on the same storage system, network traffic for each company is restricted to the specified interface. The administrator at CompanyA (that uses NFS to access data) cannot use the showmount command on a UNIX client to view directories on the storage system that are outside the /vol/vol1 volume. Similarly, the administrator at CompanyB (that uses CIFS to access data) cannot browse any shared directories that are outside the /vol/vol2 volume.