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Starting a vFiler unit

You can start a vFiler unit that is in the stopped state by using the vfiler start command.

About this task

After a vFiler unit starts, it is in a running state and can receive packets from clients. For example, if iSCSI is licensed on the storage system, starting or stopping a vFiler unit starts or stops iSCSI packet processing for that vFiler unit.
Note: You cannot start vfiler0.

When you start a vFiler unit that is associated with the IPspace that is used by a stopped vFiler unit belonging to the same subnet, the default or static routes are migrated from the stopped vFiler unit to the started vFiler unit.


  1. Enter the following command to start a vFiler unit:
    vfiler start vfilertemplate


    Assume the storage system supports two vFiler units: vfiler1 and vfiler2. The following command starts all vFiler units, except vfiler0:

    vfiler start *
    The following message appears after you enter the vfiler start command:
    vfiler start *
    The default vfiler cannot be stopped or started.
    Vfiler vfiler1 is already running.
    Vfiler vfiler2 is already running.
    vfiler0 running
    vfiler1 running
    vfiler2 running