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Allowing or disallowing quotas for a volume

As a hosting storage system administrator, you must allow quotas for a volume on the hosting storage system before you can turn on or turn off quotas. By default, quotas are allowed on all volumes.


  1. To allow or disallow quotas for a volume, enter the following command:
    quota allow | disallow volume

    volume is the name of the volume for which you want to allow or disallow the quota.

    After you enter the quota allow command, you can turn on quotas for the specified volume from a vFiler unit.

    After you enter the quota disallow command, vFiler units are prevented from turning quotas on for the specified volume. If quotas are currently turned on for any volume in vFiler units, they are turned off immediately.


If you disallow quotas on a volume, the following effects occur on all vFiler units that have storage units in the volume: