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Migrating a vFiler unit by using the vfiler migrate -m nocopy command

If many clients are using the same vFiler unit, thereby affecting the performance of its hosting node, and the other node of the HA pair is lightly loaded, you can transfer ownership of that vFiler unit to the hosting node's HA pair partner. This balances the load processing on the two nodes.

Before you begin

You must ensure that there are no FlexClone file and FlexClone LUN operations running on the storage unit from the nondefault vFiler unit context.

About this task

Note: You cannot use the vfiler migrate -m nocopy command to migrate a vFiler between storage systems, which are part of the MetroCluster infrastructure.


  1. On the destination node in the HA pair, enter the following command:
    vfiler migrate -m nocopy vfilername@source_cl_partner

    vfilername is the name of the vFiler unit that you are migrating.

    source_cl_partner is the HA pair from which you are moving the vFiler unit.

    For detailed information, see the na_vfiler(1) man page.

  2. Answer the prompts, including the following information:

    • A valid administrative login ID and password
    • The IP address and binding information for the destination vFiler unit

    The vFiler unit is migrated from the source node HA pair to the destination node in the HA pair.

  3. Verify that the vFiler unit was moved by entering the following command on the destination node in the HA pair:
    vfiler status -r vfilername