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Migrating a vFiler unit by copying data

You might want to copy data from one storage system to another for moving the workload from an older vFiler unit that is to be replaced.

Before you begin

About this task

Attention: This procedure destroys the original vFiler unit after replicating it on the destination storage system.


  1. On the destination storage system, enter one of the following commands:
    If the time by when the console is locked... Then...
    Is important (for example, if you want to lock the console for a minimum amount of time)

    Enter the following command:

    vfiler migrate start source_vfiler@source_filer
    Is not important (for example, if you want to migrate the vFiler unit overnight)

    Enter the following command:

    vfiler migrate source_vfiler@source_filer
    Note: If you use this command, skip Step 4 and Step 5. For more information, see the na_vfiler(1) man page.
  2. Respond to the login prompt with a valid administrative ID and password for the source storage system.
  3. Respond to the IP address and binding prompts.
  4. Monitor the progress of the migration by using the following command:
    vfiler migrate status source_vfiler@source_filer

    Note: The vfiler migrate command might take some time to complete, especially if a source qtree has many millions of inodes.

  5. When the status command reports that SnapMirror has replicated all the storage units of the source vFiler unit, you can either complete the migration or cancel the migration:
    If you want to... Then...
    Complete the migration

    Enter the following command:

    vfiler migrate complete [-l user:passwd ] [-c secure] source_vfiler@source_filer
    Note: You have to use the user name and password when the password is changed at the remote storage system after vfiler migrate start is started.
    Cancel the migration

    Enter the following command:

    vfiler migrate cancel source_vfiler@source_filer

    This destroys the destination vFiler unit and removes the SnapMirror and other migration-related configuration information from the source vFiler unit.

  6. If you copied quota information to the destination storage system’s /etc/quotas file when you prepared the destination storage system, activate the quotas on that storage system. For activating quotas on each of the volumes, use the following command:
    quota on volume_name
  7. Remount the qtrees without changing volume-level mounts.

    If you have moved the vFiler unit to a different subnet, CIFS domain, or Windows domain, you must rerun the CIFS setup. Also, you have to make adjustments on the clients and modify data-file security attributes.

  8. Reconfigure iSCSI authentication if the vFiler unit’s storage units contain iSCSI LUNs.

    For instructions, see the Data ONTAP SAN Administration Guide for 7-Mode.