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Viewing the status of a vFiler unit migration

You can view the messages on the CLI of the hosting storage system or the default vFiler unit vfiler0 to check the status of the migrating vFiler unit. You can also the use the vfiler status command to view the status of the source or destination vFiler units.


  1. Enter the following command in the CLI of the default vFiler unit vfiler0:
    vfiler status vfiler_name

    vfiler_name is the name of the vFiler unit.


    Assume a vFiler unit vfilerA is being migrated. The following command shows the status of the vFiler unit vfilerA:

    vfiler status vfilerA

    The output of this command shows the migration stage of the vFiler unit vfilerA at that point in time. For example, if the vFiler unit is in the migrate prepare stage, the vfiler status vfilerA command shows the following output:

    vfiler status -r vfilerA 
    vfilerA        running, migrate_prepare 
       ipspace: default-ipspace IP address: [e0a]
       Path: /vol/vol_test1 [/etc]
       Path: /vol/smvol4
       UUID: 679b86c0-be3a-11de-aee6-00a09807609b