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Running deduplication commands on a vFiler unit

You can run deduplication commands from interfaces such as CLI and SSH.


  1. Enter the following command to switch to a particular vFiler context:
    vfiler context vfiler_name


    vfiler context vfiler1

  2. Run sis commands from the particular vFiler context:
    sis on vol_name


    sis on /vol/vola

    Note: All sis commands are supported.

    For more information about sis commands, see the Data ONTAP Storage Management Guide for 7-Mode.

    You can run deduplication commands on a nondefault vFiler unit by using the vfiler run command from the vfiler0 context. For example, vfiler run [-q] vfilertemplate sis command.

    The output of these commands is specific to the vFiler context, which means that it shows information about all the volumes in the current vFiler unit only.

    The vfiler run command runs on the vFiler unit or units specified in vfilertemplate. If more than one vFiler unit is specified, the command runs separately for each vFiler unit.