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Disk space management using quotas

You can apply user, group, and qtree quotas on a vFiler unit in the same way that you apply on a storage system. When you create a vFiler unit, quotas are automatically turned off on both the hosting storage system and the new vFiler unit.

However, quotas are turned off for all the volumes that you assign to the new vFiler unit, and for all the volumes from which you assign qtrees to the new vFiler unit.

Quotas are also turned off for volumes that you move from one vFiler unit to another. To activate quotas again, you must allow them and turn them on.

On a hosting storage system licensed for vFiler units, the hosting storage system administrator must allow quotas for a volume before you can turn on quotas or turn off quotas for the volume. By default, quotas are allowed on all volumes. Only hosting storage system administrators can allow or disallow quotas for a volume.