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Destroying a vFiler unit

If you want to return storage resources back to the hosting storage system (and the storage administrator's domain), you should destroy the vFiler unit that owns the storage resources.

Before you begin


  1. To destroy the vFiler unit, enter the following command:
    vfiler destroy [ - f ] vfiler_name

    The -f (force) option in the vfiler destroy command destroys the vFiler unit immediately. Without the -f option, the command displays a confirmation prompt.

    Attention: When there are multiple vFiler units in an IPspace, you must ensure that no routes used by other vFiler units are associated with the vFiler unit that you want to destroy. Otherwise, destroying this vFiler unit will render the other vFiler units in the IPspace inaccessible.


Destroying a vFiler unit has the following effects: