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Number of vFiler units allowed

There are limits on the number of vFiler units allowed in a storage system that has MultiStore enabled. You can have a maximum of 65 vFiler units on a storage system.

You can create 64 vFiler units on a storage system. The 65th vFiler unit is vfiler0, which is created automatically when MultiStore is enabled on the storage system. The default vFiler unit exists as long as MultiStore is enabled.

In an HA pair, you can create up to 64 vFiler units on each node of the HA pair, for a maximum of 130 vFiler units in the HA pair.

These limits can be exceeded only during a takeover scenario, when one storage system takes over the resources of a vFiler unit in another storage system.

You can create a maximum of 16 vFiler units in FAS2040 systems.