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SnapMirror technology on the hosting storage system

The SnapMirror feature for mirroring volumes and qtrees works with MultiStore after the SnapMirror feature is licensed on the source and destination storage systems. You can enter SnapMirror commands from the default vFiler unit vfiler0 or nondefault vFiler units.

SnapMirror commands entered from the default vFiler unit can be used to make changes on and display information about all the nondefault vFiler units on the hosting storage system. SnapMirror commands entered from a nondefault vFiler unit makes changes on or displays information only about that specific vFiler unit.

For backward compatibility, the default vFiler unit can operate SnapMirror commands on all volumes and qtrees, even if they are owned by other vFiler units.

If vFiler unit storage volumes and qtrees are mirrored by vfiler0, the SnapMirror relationship is reflected only on vfiler0.