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Logging in to a vFiler unit

Starting with Data ONTAP 8.1, as a vFiler unit administrator, you can log in to a vFiler unit from an appropriate Secure Shell client application, such as PuTTY for Windows hosts or OpenSSH for UNIX hosts. You can execute commands directly on a vFiler unit through an interactive SSH session.

About this task


  1. To log in to a vFiler unit, perform the appropriate action based on the operating system:
    If your host is running... Then...
    Windows operating system
    1. Enter the IP address of the vFiler unit in the client application.
    2. If prompted, enter the user name and password at the login prompt.
    UNIX or Linux operating system Enter the following command from the client application:
    ssh user_name@vfiler_IP

    user_name is the name of the user.

    vfiler_IP is the IP address of the vFiler unit.


After you log in, you can execute the vfiler commands on the vFiler unit.