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Accessing the system by using the remote management device

You can access the system remotely by using the remote management device. Depending on your storage system model, the remote management device can be the SP or the RLM.


  1. From the administration host, log in to the remote management device by entering the following command:
    ssh remote_management_username@IP_for_remote_management_device

    remote_management_username is the "naroot" account or a Data ONTAP user account with the credentials of the "admin" role or a role with the login-sp capability.

    The system responds by displaying the CLI prompt for the remote management device.

  2. Enter the following command at the CLI prompt for the remote management device:
    system console
  3. When the system displays the login prompt, enter an appropriate account name for the storage system:
    If you are using...                 Enter the following account name...
    The system root account
    An administrative user account storage_system_username
    Note: storage_system_username is an administrative user account for the storage system.
  4. Enter the password for the account, and then press Enter.

    The storage system prompt appears.

  5. To exit the console and return to the SP prompt or the RLM prompt, press Ctrl-D.