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How to get system information using perfmon

The perfmon performance monitoring tool is integrated with the Microsoft Windows operating system. If you use storage systems in a Windows environment, you can use perfmon to access many of the counters and objects available through the Data ONTAP stats command.

To use perfmon to access storage system performance statistics, you specify the name or IP address of the storage system as the counter source. The lists of performance objects and counters then reflect the objects and counters available from Data ONTAP.

You can use the cifs.perfmon.allowed_users option to grant perfmon access to specified users or groups. By default, no argument is set for the option, and only members of the Administrators group have access to perfmon. For more information about the cifs.perfmon.allowed_users option, see the options(1) man page.

Note: The default sample rate for perfmon is once every second. Depending on which counters you choose to monitor, that sample rate could cause a small performance degradation on the storage system. If you want to use perfmon to monitor storage system performance, you are advised to change the sample rate to once every ten seconds. You can do this using the System Monitor Properties.