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Commands for managing a system at the SP advanced privilege level

You can use the SP advanced privilege level to display the SP command history, SP debug file, SP messages file, and data history for field-replaceable units (FRUs). You can also manage the battery firmware and automatic update.

The following SP commands are available only at the advanced privilege level:

Attention: You should use advanced commands only under the guidance of technical support.
If you want to... Use this command...
Display the SP command history sp log audit
Display the SP debug information sp log debug
Display the SP messages file sp log messages
Display the status of battery firmware automatic update, or enable or disable battery firmware automatic update upon next SP boot system battery auto_update [status | enable | disable]
Update the battery firmware from the image at the specified location system battery flash image_URL
Note: You use this command if the automatic battery firmware upgrade process has failed for some reason.
Compare the current battery firmware image against a specified firmware image system battery verify  [image_URL]
Note: If image_URL is not specified, the default battery firmware image is used for comparison.
Display the FRU data history log system fru log show