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Rules that apply to console, Telnet, and SSH-interactive sessions

You cannot open both a Telnet and an SSH-interactive session at the same time. However, you can configure for the console to share a session with a Telnet or an SSH-interactive session.

The following rules apply to console, Telnet, and SSH-interactive sessions.

You can prevent commands from being aborted at the console or through a Telnet or an SSH session by using the rsh command to initiate commands from an administration host.

The autologout.telnet.enable and autologout.telnet.timeout options control the automatic timeout for both Telnet and SSH-interactive sessions. Even if you disable Telnet connections to the storage system, you can still enable and configure the automatic timeout period for only SSH-interactive sessions by setting the autologout.telnet.enable option to on and setting the autologout.telnet.timeout option to the desired timeout period.