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Data ONTAP commands for managing the RLM

Data ONTAP provides the rlm commands for managing the RLM, including setting up the RLM, rebooting the RLM, displaying the status of the RLM, and updating the RLM firmware.

The following table describes the Data ONTAP commands and options for managing the RLM. These commands are also described in the na_rlm(1) man page.

If you want to... Use this Data ONTAP command...
Initiate the interactive RLM setup script rlm setup
Display whether the RLM has been configured options rlm.setup
Display the list of available rlm commands rlm help
Display the current status of the RLM, including the following:
  • Whether the RLM is online
  • The version that the RLM is running
  • Network and configuration information
rlm status
Reboot the RLM and trigger the RLM to perform a self-test rlm reboot
Note: Any console connection through the RLM is lost during the reboot.
Send a test email to all recipients specified with the option rlm test autosupport
Note: For this command to work, the autosupport.enable and autosupport.mailhost options must be configured properly.
Perform an SNMP test on the RLM, forcing the RLM to send a test SNMP trap to all trap hosts specified in the snmp traphost command rlm test snmp
Note: For information about SNMP traps, see the Data ONTAP Network Management Guide for 7-Mode.
Update the RLM firmware rlm update
Note: For information about downloading and updating the RLM firmware, see the Data ONTAP Upgrade and Revert/Downgrade Guide for 7-Mode.
Display the RLM update status, including the following:
  • Whether an RLM update is currently in progress
  • Completion percentage
  • The start and end time for the update
rlm update-status
Enable or disable automatic logout of idle SSH connections to the RLM options rlm.autologout.enable
Specify the number of minutes after which an idle SSH connection to the RLM is automatically disconnected options rlm.autologout.timeout
Note: For this option to take effect, the rlm.autologout.enable option must be set to on.
Restrict RLM access to only the specified administration hosts options rlm.ssh.access