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Internal components of a storage system

The internal components of a storage system enable the system to function.

The following table describes the internal components of a storage system:

Component Description
Controller The controller is the component that runs the Data ONTAP operating system and controls its disk subsystem.
System memory System memory stores information temporarily.
Nonvolatile RAM (NVRAM) or nonvolatile memory (NVMEM) Data ONTAP uses nonvolatile memory (NVRAM or NVMEM, depending on the platform) to log network transactions as a data integrity measure. In case of a system or power failure, Data ONTAP uses the contents of the nonvolatile memory to restore network data to disk.
Boot device The storage system automatically boots from a Data ONTAP release stored on the boot device, such as a PC CompactFlash card. The boot device also stores a backup version of Data ONTAP from which to boot the storage system in an emergency.
LCD and LEDs The storage system displays status information on the LCD and LEDs.
Environmental adapter The environmental adapter performs the following functions:
  • Monitors the storage system’s temperature and fans
  • Sends critical information to the storage system’s LCD
  • Logs information
  • Shuts down the storage system if its temperature is beyond a critical range or the fans cease operating
Remote management device, such as the Service Processor (SP) or the Remote LAN Module (RLM) The remote management device provides remote platform management capabilities for the storage system. It enables remote access to the storage system console over a network regardless of the operating state of the storage system. It also monitors and maintains hardware event logs for the storage system and generates alerts based on system status.