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Data ONTAP commands for managing the SP

Data ONTAP provides commands for managing the SP, including setting up and displaying the SP network configuration, displaying the current SP status, rebooting the SP, managing the SP firmware image, and managing SSH access to the SP.

You can use the following Data ONTAP commands and options to manage the SP:

If you want to... Use this Data ONTAP command...
Set up or modify the SP network configuration, including the following:
  • The IP address type (IPv4 or IPv6)
  • Whether the network interface of the specified IP address type should be enabled
  • If you are using IPv4, whether to use the network configuration from the DHCP server or the network address that you specify
  • The public IP address for the SP
  • The netmask for the SP (if using IPv4)
  • The network prefix-length of the subnet mask for the SP (if using IPv6)
  • The gateway IP address for the SP
system node service-processor network modify
Display the SP network configuration, including the following:
  • The configured address type (IPv4 or IPv6) and whether it is enabled
  • The remote management device type
  • The current SP status and link status
  • Network configuration, such as IP address, MAC address, netmask, prefix-length of subnet mask, router-assigned IP address, link local IP address, and gateway IP address
system node service-processor network show
Note: Displaying complete SP network details requires the -instance parameter.
Display general SP information, including the following:
  • The remote management device type
  • The current SP status
  • Whether the SP network is configured
  • Network information, such as the public IP address and the MAC address
  • The SP firmware version and Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) version
  • Whether the SP firmware automatic update is enabled
system node service-processor show
Reboot the SP and optionally specify the SP firmware image (primary or backup) to use system node service-processor reboot-sp
Attention: You should avoid booting the SP from the backup image. Booting from the backup image is reserved for troubleshooting and recovery purposes only. It might require that the SP automatic firmware update be disabled, which is not a recommended setting. You should contact Technical Support before attempting to boot the SP from the backup image.
Display the details of the currently installed SP firmware image, including the following:
  • The remote management device type
  • The partition (primary or backup) that the SP is booted from, its status, and firmware version
  • Whether the firmware automatic update is enabled and the last update status
system node service-processor image show
Note: The -is-current parameter indicates the partition (primary or backup) that the SP is currently booted from, not whether the installed firmware version is most current.
Enable or disable the SP automatic firmware update system node service-processor image modify
Note: By default, the SP firmware is automatically updated with the update of Data ONTAP or when a new version of the SP firmware is manually downloaded. Disabling the automatic update is not recommended because doing so can result in suboptimal or nonqualified combinations between the Data ONTAP image and the SP firmware image.
Manually download an SP firmware image software get
Note: The SP firmware image is packaged with Data ONTAP. You do not need to download the SP firmware manually, unless you want to use an SP firmware version that is different from the one packaged with Data ONTAP.
Manually update the SP firmware, by specifying the following:
  • The SP firmware package to use

    You can have the SP use a specific SP firmware package by specifying the package file name. The software list command displays all package files (including the files for the SP firmware package) that are available on a node.

  • The installation baseline

    You can update the SP firmware to the baseline version that is bundled with the currently running version of Data ONTAP.

  • Whether to update the entire firmware image or only the changed portions
  • If updating the entire firmware image, whether to also reset log settings to the factory default and clear contents of all logs maintained by the SP, including the event logs, IPMI logs, and forensics logs
system node service-processor image update
Display the status for the latest SP firmware update, including the following information:
  • The start and end time for the latest SP firmware update
  • Whether an update is in progress and the percentage that is complete
system node service-processor image update-progress show
Enable or disable automatic logout of idle SSH connections to the SP options sp.autologout.enable
Specify the number of minutes after which an idle SSH connection to the SP is automatically disconnected options sp.autologout.timeout
Note: For this option to take effect, the sp.autologout.enable option must be set to on.
Restrict SP access to only the specified administration hosts options sp.ssh.access