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Starting a Telnet session

You start a Telnet session to connect to the storage system.

Before you begin

The following requirements must be met before you can connect to a storage system using a Telnet session:

About this task

Only one Telnet session can be active at a time. You can, however, open a console session at the same time a Telnet session is open.


  1. Open a Telnet session on a client.
  2. Connect to the storage system using its name.
  3. If the storage system displays the login prompt, do one of the following:
    • To access the storage system with the system account, enter the following account name:
    • To access the storage system with an alternative administrative user account, enter the following:

      username is the administrative user account.

    The storage system responds with the password prompt.

  4. Enter the password for the root or administrative user account.

    Note: If no password is defined for the account, press Enter.

  5. When you see the storage system prompt followed by a system message, press Enter to get to the storage system prompt.


    toaster> Thu Aug 5 15:19:39 PDI [toaster: telnet_0:info]: root logged in from host:

    Press Enter.


    Note: You can abort commands entered through a Telnet session by pressing Ctrl-c.