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AutoSupport transport protocols

AutoSupport supports HTTPS, HTTP, and SMTP as the transport protocols for delivering AutoSupport messages to NetApp technical support. All of these protocols run on IPv4 or IPv6 based on the address family the name resolves to. If you enable AutoSupport messages to your internal support organization, those messages are sent by SMTP.

Protocol availability varies with the destination of the AutoSupport messages:

For example, if you use the recommended protocol to send messages to NetApp technical support and you also want to send messages to your internal support organization, your messages would be transported via both HTTPS and SMTP, respectively.

AutoSupport limits the maximum file size for each protocol. The default setting for HTTP and HTTPS transfers is 10 MB. The default setting for SMTP transfers is 5 MB. If the size of the AutoSupport message exceeds the configured limit, AutoSupport delivers as much of the message as possible. You can edit the maximum size by modifying AutoSupport configuration. See the options man page for more information.

The protocols require the following additional configuration:

No matter what transport protocol you use, you can use IPv4 or IPv6 addresses based on the address family to which the name resolves.