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What data AutoSupport messages contain

AutoSupport messages contain information from subsystems. Learning what AutoSupport messages contain can help you interpret or respond to messages that you receive via email or view on the My AutoSupport web site.

Type of message What type of data the message contains
Event-triggered Files containing context-sensitive data about the specific subsystem where the event occurred
Daily Log files
Performance Performance data sampled during the previous 24 hours
Weekly Configuration and status data
Triggered by the option autosupport.doit text command Depends on the text that you enter in the command:
  • Including the word test sends a short message that triggers an automated response from the NetApp mail handler so that you can confirm that AutoSupport messages are being received.
  • Excluding the word test sends a set of data similar to the weekly message and includes troubleshooting data from each subsystem.
Triggered by AutoSupport On Demand AutoSupport On Demand can request new messages or past messages. The type of data included in those messages is as follows:
New messages
Depends on the type of AutoSupport collection, which can be test, all, or performance.
Past messages
Depends on the type of message that is resent.