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Commands for managing the RLM at the admin privilege level

You can perform most RLM tasks at the admin privilege level. For example, you can display system events and status information for environmental sensors, reboot the storage system or the RLM, and create a system core dump.

The following RLM commands are available at the admin privilege level:

If you want to... Use this command...
Display system date and time date
Display storage system events logged by the RLM events {all | info | newest | oldest | search string }
Exit the RLM CLI exit
Display a list of available commands or subcommands of a specified command help [command]
Set the privilege level to access the specified mode priv set {admin | advanced | diag}
Display the current privilege level priv show
Reboot the RLM rlm reboot
Display the RLM environmental sensor status rlm sensors [-c]
Note: The -c option, which takes a few seconds to display, shows current values rather than cached values.
Display RLM status rlm status [-v|-d]
Note: The -v option displays verbose statistics. The -d option displays RLM debug information. The Data ONTAP sysconfig command displays both the storage system and RLM status.
Update the RLM firmware rlm update http://path [-f]
Note: The -f option issues a full image update.
Manage the RSA if it is installed on your storage system rsa
Note: For information about the RSA, see the Remote Support Agent Configuration Guide for 7-Mode for Use with Data ONTAP.
Log in to the Data ONTAP CLI system console
Note: Pressing Ctrl-d returns you to the RLM CLI.
Dump the system core and reset the system system core
Note: This command has the same effect as pressing the Non-maskable Interrupt (NMI) button on a storage system. The RLM stays operational as long as input power to the storage system is not interrupted.
Turn on or turn off the storage system, or perform a power-cycle (which turns off system power and then turns it back on) system power {on | off | cycle}
Note: Standby power stays on, even when the storage system is off. During power-cycling, a brief pause occurs before power is turned back on.
Attention: Using the system power command to turn off or power-cycle the storage system might cause an improper shutdown of the system (also called a dirty shutdown) and is not a substitute for a graceful shutdown using the Data ONTAP halt command.
Display status for each power supply, such as presence, input power, and output power system power status
Reset the storage system using the specified BIOS firmware image system reset {primary | backup | current}
Note: The RLM stays operational as long as input power to the storage system is not interrupted.
Display the RLM version information, including hardware and firmware information version