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When to use FlexShare

If your storage system consistently provides the performance required for your environment, then you do not need FlexShare. If, however, your storage system sometimes does not deliver sufficient performance to some of its users, you can use FlexShare to increase your control over storage system resources to ensure that those resources are being used most effectively for your environment.

FlexShare is designed to change performance characteristics when the storage system is under load. If the storage system is not under load, it is expected that the FlexShare impact will be minimal and can even be unnoticeable. The following sample scenarios describe how FlexShare could be used to set priorities for the use of system resources:

FlexShare enables you to construct a priority policy that helps Data ONTAP manage system resources optimally for your application environment. FlexShare does not provide any performance guarantees.

Use FlexShare with storage systems that have hard disk drives (HDDs) only. FlexShare is not designed for use with storage systems that have solid-state drives (SSDs). Enabling FlexShare on a storage system that has SSDs can result in decreased throughput to SSD-based volumes.