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Setting up and starting SSL

Setting up SSL enables Data ONTAP to generate a self-signed certificate.


  1. Enter the following command at the storage system prompt:
    secureadmin setup ssl
  2. If SSL has been previously set up for the storage system, Data ONTAP asks you whether you want to continue.
    • Enter Y if you want to change the SSL setup.
    • Enter N to exit the SSL setup.
  3. Enter information when Data ONTAP prompts you.

    The information you are prompted to enter includes the following:

    • Country, state, or province name
    • Company or organization name
    • Domain name
    • Administrator email
    • Days until expires
    • Key length in bits

    To use the default settings, press Enter at each of the prompts.

    When the SSL setup is complete, Data ONTAP generates secureadmin.pem files and saves them in the appropriate subdirectories (cert, key, and csr) in the /etc/keymgr directory.