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Managing AutoSupport

AutoSupport is a mechanism that proactively monitors the health of your system and automatically sends email messages to NetApp technical support, your internal support organization, and a support partner.

AutoSupport is enabled by default when you configure your storage system for the first time. AutoSupport begins sending messages to technical support 24 hours after AutoSupport is enabled. You can cut short the 24-hour period by upgrading or reverting the system, modifying the AutoSupport configuration, or changing the time of the system to be outside of the 24-hour period.
Note: You can disable AutoSupport at any time, but you should leave it enabled. Enabling AutoSupport can significantly help speed problem determination and resolution should a problem occur on your storage system. By default, the system collects AutoSupport information and stores it locally even if you disable AutoSupport.

Although AutoSupport messages to technical support are enabled by default, you need to set the correct options and have a valid mail host to have messages sent to your internal support organization.

For more information about AutoSupport, see the NetApp Support Site.