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Checking available Data ONTAP versions

You might need to check the current booted kernel and other kernels available on the boot device (such as the CompactFlash card) if an upgrade was unsuccessful or if you need to run kernel diagnostics.

About this task

By default, the storage system boots the current Data ONTAP release from the primary kernel.


  1. Do one of the following:
    To determine... At the storage system console, enter...

    The current booted Data ONTAP version


    Data ONTAP versions available on the boot device

    version -b

    If you enter version, the console displays the version number of Data ONTAP that is currently running.

    If you enter version -b, the console displays information from the boot device, including name and version information for the primary, secondary (if present), and diagnostic kernels, and the firmware.

    For more information, see the na_version(1) manual page.