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Predefined groups

You can assign a user or domain user to a predefined set of groups and roles provided by Data ONTAP. The predefined groups include Administrators, Power Users, Compliance Administrators, Backup Operators, Users, Guests, and Everyone.

The following table describes the predefined groups.

Predefined group Default roles Default privileges
Administrators admin Grants all CLI, API, login, and security capabilities.
Power Users power Grants the ability to perform the following tasks:
  • Invoke all cifs, exportfs, nfs, and useradmin CLI commands
  • Make all cifs and nfs API calls
  • Log in to Telnet, HTTP, RSH, and SSH sessions
Compliance Administrators compliance Grants the ability to execute compliance-related operations.
Note: You cannot assign a user to this group if the telnet.distinct.enable option is set to off.
Backup Operators backup Grants the ability to make NDMP requests.
Users audit Grants the ability to make snmp-get and snmp-get-next API calls.
Guests none None
Everyone none None