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SnapVault operations supported in a clustered Data ONTAP

SnapDrive for Windows supports SnapVault operations in clustered Data ONTAP environments through SnapManager for SQL Server-initiated operations. SnapVault support is on the volume level. You should be aware of SnapVault support SnapDrive for Windows configuration requirements.

To ensure that SnapDrive supports SnapVault operations, you must configure both the primary and secondary storage system login details in TPS.

Supported SnapVault operations

You can initiate the following SnapVault operations using SnapManager for SQL Server:
  • Connecting to a Snapshot copy from SnapVault secondary storage
  • Disconnecting from a Snapshot copy from SnapVault secondary storage
  • Creating a Snapshot copy on a primary storage system and transferring it to a secondary storage system
  • Updating SnapVault with a Snapshot created on your primary storage system
  • Restoring from your secondary SnapVault storage system