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How SnapDrive supports SAN booting

SnapDrive for Windows identifies bootable LUNs and prevents you from performing some of the operations you would normally perform on a nonbootable LUN.

SnapDrive detects both bootable LUNs (SAN booting) and nonbootable LUNs and differentiates between the two in MMC by representing each LUN type with a unique icon. SAN bootable LUNs are represented by an icon containing a disk with a red letter “s” in the upper left corner.

When a LUN is a boot disk, the following actions are disabled or unavailable in SnapDrive:
SnapDrive does support the following Snapshot copy-related actions on bootable LUNs:
Note: Restoring Snapshot copies of bootable LUNs is not allowed by SnapDrive. For important information about Snapshot copies of bootable LUNs, see the technical white papers on the NetApp Support Site.