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Planning to set up storage systems

On the NetApp Support Site, you can find documentation about planning to set up new storage systems, such as information about site preparation, power and connectivity requirements, and physical and logical storage design.

To learn about... Go to this information source on the NetApp Support Site at
  • Physical site preparation
  • Connectivity requirements
  • Power requirements
  • Platform-specific requirements
Site Requirements Guide
  • System configuration and compatibility requirements
  • Hardware Universe (formerly the System Configuration Guide)
  • Interoperability Matrix
  • Data ONTAP SAN Configuration Guide for 7-Mode (formerly Data ONTAP 7-Mode Fibre Channel and iSCSI Configuration Guide)
  • New features and enhancements
  • Known issues
  • Cautions
Data ONTAP Release Notes for 7-Mode
  • Requirements for setting up a V-Series system with any storage array
V-Series Installation Requirements and Reference Guide
  • Supported configurations for storage arrays and required storage array settings for working with V-Series systems
V-Series Implementation Guide for Third-Party Storage
  • Requirements for setting up systems based on Data ONTAP-v technology, such as Data ONTAP Edge
Data ONTAP Edge Installation and Administration Guide