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Upgrading Data ONTAP on storage systems

On the NetApp Support Site, you can find documentation about the software changes for a release, upgrading a storage system to Data ONTAP 8.2 and reverting to an earlier release from Data ONTAP 8.2, and the firmware releases that are applicable for your platform and disk drives.

To learn about... Go to this information source on the NetApp Support Site at
  • New features and enhancements
  • Known issues
  • Upgrade cautions
  • Licensing changes
Data ONTAP Release Notes for 7-Mode
  • Planning and performing a Data ONTAP upgrade
  • Upgrade Advisor at MyAutoSupport

    If your system sends AutoSupport messages to NetApp, you can use the Upgrade Advisor to generate an upgrade plan automatically based on your system configuration.

  • Data ONTAP Upgrade and Revert/Downgrade Guide for 7-Mode

    If your system does not send AutoSupport messages, you should use the Release Notes and Upgrade Guide to generate an upgrade plan.

  • System configurations and compatibility requirements
  • System firmware releases available for your platform
Downloads > Firmware > System Firmware and Diagnostics
  • Disk drive firmware release recommended for your disk drives
Downloads > Firmware > Disk Drive and Firmware Matrix
  • Perform remote filer management using RLM (Remote LAN Module)
Downloads > Firmware > RLM Firmware
  • Disk shelf and ESH firmware releases
Downloads > Firmware > Disk Shelf Firmware
  • Hardware upgrade of a storage system
Documentation > Product Documentation > More Resources > 7-Mode Controller Hardware Upgrade Information