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How to set an end-to-end SnapLock Compliance volume SnapMirror relationship

To create an end-to-end relationship between SnapLock Compliance volumes by using SnapMirror, you need to create both the source and the destination volumes as SnapLock Compliance volumes and then initialize the mirroring relationship by using the snapmirror initialize command. The other commands you use differ depending on whether you are creating a volume SnapMirror relationship for a traditional volume or a FlexVol volume.

Note: In a volume SnapMirror relationship between two SnapLock Compliance volumes, the exact status of the SnapLock log volume on the source is transferred to the destination volume. The active log files remain active on the destination. The WORM log metafile is also replicated to the destination, and it points to the active WORM log files on the destination. Therefore, you can use the WORM log file from the same state as it was at the source, before the migration.