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na_snmpd - snmp agent daemon


The node supports an SNMP version 1 (RFC 1157) compatible agent that provides support for both the MIB-II (RFC 1213) management information base for TCP/IP based internets as well as a Data ONTAP Custom MIB.

A number of user configurable options for the SNMP agent can be set and queried from the console using the snmp command (see na_snmp(1)).

Due to weak authentication in SNMP version 1, SetRequest commands that allow the remote setting of configuration variables have been disabled.

Access for snmp can be restricted by the options snmp.access command. Please see na_protocolaccess(8) for details.


Under MIB-II, information is accessible for the system, interfaces, at, ip, icmp, tcp, udp and snmp MIBII groups. The transmission and egp groups are not supported.

The coldStart, linkDown, linkUp and authenticationFailure traps are implemented. Traps are configured using the snmp command.


The Data ONTAP Custom MIB provides a means to obtain detailed information about many aspects of node operation via SNMP. The Custom MIB can be obtained from Network Appliance's FTP site at, or by requesting the MIB on a floppy disk from Network Appliance Technical Support.

The following is a summary of the top-level groups in the Custom MIB and the information they contain:

Product-level information such as the software version string and system ID.

System-level statistics such as CPU uptime, idle time and aggregate kilobytes received and transmitted on all network interfaces.

Statistics like those displayed by the nfsstat command (see na_nfsstat(1)), including statistics for each client if per-client NFS statistics have been enabled using the nfs.per_client_stats.enable option (see na_options(1)). The per-client NFS statistics are indexed by client IP addresses.

Information related to disk quotas, including the output of the quota report command (see na_quota(1)). To access quota information, quotas must be turned on.

Information related to the file system, including the equivalent of the maxfiles and df commands, and some of the information from the snap list command (see na_df(1), na_maxfiles(1), na_snap(1)).

Information on RAID equivalent to the output of the sysconfig -r command (see na_sysconfig(1)).


In takeover mode, SNMP agents can continue to access the MIBs on both nodes in an HA pair. However, the counters reported by SNMP are combined counters from both nodes. For example, in takeover mode, the SNMP agent can report the number of packets sent or received by both nodes, but you cannot determine from the number how many packets are sent or received on each node.

You can have an application on the network management station set an alarm when a node has been taken over. The SNMP variable to check is the variable. If this variable is set to thisNodeDead, the node has been taken over.


na_df(1), na_maxfiles(1), na_nfsstat(1), na_options(1), na_partner(1), na_quota(1), na_snap(1), na_snmp(1), na_sysconfig(1), na_protocolaccess(8)

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