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na_syslogd - Logs system messages.


The syslogd daemon logs system messages to the console, log files and other remote systems as specified by its configuration file, /etc/syslog.conf. The syslogd daemon reads its configuration file when it starts up during the boot procedure, or within 30 seconds after the /etc/syslog.conf file is modified. For information about the format of the configuration file, see na_syslog.conf(5).

If /etc/syslog.conf does not exist the syslogd daemon will output all log messages of priority info or higher to the console and to the file /etc/messages. To prevent /etc/messages from getting too large, the syslogd daemon will rotate the contents of /etc/messages through the files /etc/messages.0 through /etc/messages.5. This rotation is done once a week. So the log messages of the current week will be saved in the file /etc/messages and the message logs of the six weeks prior to that are saved in the files /etc/messages.0 through /etc/messages.5.

To prevent large numbers of repeated messages being logged, the syslogd daemon will follow the first instance of a repeated message with the number of times the message was repeated. If a message is repeated over a long time period, the syslogd daemon will wait for increasingly longer intervals before logging the number of repeats. The repeat notification interval starts at 30 seconds and moves quickly to 20 minutes.


The configuration file. /etc/syslog.conf.sample A sample configuration file.
Message log file for current week.
Message log for prior weeks.


In takeover mode, the failed node logs syslog messages to its own /etc/messages file and to the /etc/messages file on the live node. The live node logs its syslog messages only to its own /etc/messages file.

Because the /etc/messages file on the live node contains syslog messages from two nodes, the node uses node names in the syslog messages to indicate the node from which the syslog message originated.

For example, if toaster1 takes over toaster2, a message from toaster2 is logged to the /etc/messages file on toaster1, and the message can be similar to the following:

  Wed May  6 18:57:52 GMT [toaster2/toaster1]: raid_disk_admin]: Volume vol7 has been added to the system.

If the name of the failed node is unknown, the string ``partner'' is printed instead of a node name.


na_partner(1), na_messages(5), na_syslog.conf(5)

Table of Contents