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Creating a local UNIX user

You can use the vserver services unix-user create command to create local UNIX users. A local UNIX user is a UNIX user you create on a Vserver as a UNIX name services option and to be used in the processing of name mappings.


  1. To create a local UNIX user, enter the following command:
    vserver services unix-user create -vserver virtual_server_name -user user_name -id integer -primary-gid integer -full-name full_name

    -vserver virtual_server_name specifies the Vserver name.

    -user user_name specifies the user name.

    -id integer specifies the user ID.

    -primary-gid integer specifies the primary group ID.

    -full-name full_name specifies the full name of the user.


The following command creates a local UNIX user named bettyb on a Vserver named vs1. The user has the ID 123 and the primary group ID 100. The user's full name is "Elizabeth Boop".

node::> vserver services unix-user create -vserver vs1 -user bettyb -id 123
-primary-gid 100 -full-name "Elizabeth Boop"