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Providing folder security on shares with access-based enumeration

When access-based enumeration (ABE) is enabled on a CIFS share, users who do not have permission to access a shared folder or file underneath it (whether through individual or group permission restrictions) do not see that shared resource displayed in their environment.

Conventional share properties allow you to specify which users (individually or in groups) have permission to view or modify shared resources. However, they do not allow you to control whether shared folders or files are visible to users who do not have permission to access them. This could pose problems if the names of shared folders or files describe sensitive information, such as the names of customers or products under development.

Access-based enumeration (ABE) extends share properties to include the enumeration of shared resources. ABE therefore enables you to filter the display of shared resources based on user access rights. In addition to protecting sensitive information in your workplace, ABE enables you to simplify the display of large directory structures for the benefit of users who do not need access to your full range of content.