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Displaying LIF information

You might have to view the information about a LIF in instances such as diagnosing basic problems with LIFs, finding out the routing group of a LIF. If you are a Vserver admin, you can view the information about the LIFs associated with the Vserver.

About this task

You might to have the view the information about a LIF in the following scenarios:


  1. To view the LIF information, use the network interface show command.

    You can get all available information by specifying the -instance parameter or get only the required fields by specifying the fields parameter. If data for a field is not available, the field is listed as undef..


    The following example displays general information about all LIFs in a cluster:
    vs1::> network interface show
                Logical    Status     Network            Current       Current Is
    Vserver     Interface  Admin/Oper Address/Mask       Node          Port    Home
    ----------- ---------- ---------- ------------------ ------------- ------- ----
                lif1         up/up     node-01
                                                                       e0d     false
                cluster_mgmt up/up       node-02
                                                                       e0c     false
                clus1        up/up      node-01
                                                                       e0a     true
                clus2        up/up      node-01
                                                                       e0b     true
                mgmt1        up/up       node-01
                                                                       e0c     true
                clus1        up/up      node-02
                                                                       e0a     true
                clus2        up/up      node-02
                                                                       e0b     true
                mgmt2        up/up       node-02
                                                                       e0d     true
                d1           up/up     node-01
                                                                       e0d     false
                d2           up/up     node-01
                                                                       e0d     true
                data3        up/up     node-02
                                                                       e0c     true
    11 entries were displayed.
    The following example shows detailed information about a LIF:
    cluster1::> network interface show -lif data1 -instance
                        Vserver Name: vs1
                   Logical Interface: data1
                                Role: data
                       Data Protocol: nfs,cifs,fcache
                           Home Node: node-1
                           Home Port: e0c
                        Current Node: node-3
                        Current Port: e0c
                  Operational Status: up
                     Extended Status: -
                             Is Home: false
                     Network Address:
                     IPv4 Link Local: -
                 Bits in the Netmask: 18
                  Routing Group Name: d10.72.0.0/18
               Administrative Status: up
                     Failover Policy: nextavail
                     Firewall Policy: data
                         Auto Revert: false
                  Use Failover Group: system-defined
                            DNS Zone:
                 Failover Group Name:
                            FCP WWPN: -