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Creating a routing group

When a LIF is created, an associated routing group is automatically created. You cannot modify or rename an existing routing group; therefore, you might have to create a routing group.

About this task

If you want to segregate the data LIFs from the management LIFs, you must create different routing groups for each kind of LIFs.

The following rules apply when creating routing groups:


  1. Use the network routing-groups create command to create a routing group.

    You can use the optional -metric parameter with this command to specify a hop count for the routing group. The default settings for this parameter are 10 for management interfaces, 20 for data interfaces, and 30 for cluster interfaces.

    This parameter is used for source-IP address-selection of user-space applications such as NTP.

    For more information about this command, see the man page.


    cluster1::> network routing-groups create -vserver vs1 -routing-group d192.0.2.166 -subnet -role data -metric 20

After you finish

You should assign a static route to the created routing group.