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What the snapmirror resync command does

You can use the snapmirror resync command to reestablish the connection between the source and the destination. This command is applied after the SnapMirror relationship between the source and destination is broken.

You can apply the snapmirror resync command to either the original SnapMirror destination or the original source:

Note: Resynchronization is not possible if SnapMirror cannot find a common Snapshot copy on the source and destination to use as the basis for resynchronization. SnapMirror generates a "No common snapshot to use as the base for resynchronization" error message and terminates the command. You must reinitialize the destination to establish the SnapMirror relationship.

When you run the snapmirror resync command on the source, a reverse relationship from the destination to the source is established. This resynchronizes all the updated content from the destination to the source. However, you cannot resynchronize using the Snapshot copies taken on the destination volume when the destination qtree was in a mirrored state.