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Data protection using SnapMirror

SnapMirror is a feature of Data ONTAP that enables you to replicate data. SnapMirror enables you to replicate data from specified source volumes or qtrees to specified destination volumes or qtrees, respectively. You need a separate license to use SnapMirror.

You can use SnapMirror to replicate data within the same storage system or with different storage systems.

After the data is replicated to the destination storage system, you can access the data on the destination to perform the following actions:
You can configure SnapMirror to operate in one of the following modes: SnapMirror can be used with traditional volumes and FlexVol volumes.
Note: SnapMirror is supported for V-Series systems also. Information about SnapMirror in this chapter applies to both FAS systems and V-Series systems, unless specified otherwise.