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Splitting a mirrored aggregate

Splitting a mirrored aggregate removes the relationship between its two plexes and creates two independent unmirrored aggregates. After splitting, both the aggregates come online.

Before you begin

Ensure that both plexes of the mirrored aggregate you are splitting are online and operational.

About this task

You might split a mirrored aggregate for one of the following reasons.

Before splitting, a mirrored aggregate or traditional volume has two plexes, plex0 and plex1. After splitting, the new unmirrored aggregate with the new name has one plex, plex0. The new unmirrored aggregate with the original name also has one plex, either plex0 or plex1.

The plex name for an unmirrored aggregate is unimportant because the aggregate has only one plex. If you use SyncMirror to mirror one of these unmirrored aggregates, the resulting plex names will always be plex0 and plex1.

Note: You do not need to stop applications that are using the aggregate, before splitting a mirrored aggregate.


  1. Enter the following command:
    aggr split aggrname/plexname??new_aggr

    aggrname is the name of the mirrored aggregate.

    plexname is the name of one of the plexes in the mirrored aggregate.

    new_aggr is the name of the new aggregate that would be created.


    The following command splits plex0 from mirrored aggregate aggr0 and names the new aggregate aggrNew.

    aggr split aggr0/plex0 aggrNew

    After splitting, there are two unmirrored aggregates, aggr0 and aggrNew.