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SnapMirror options

You can use the SnapMirror options to specify different SnapMirror options for a system.

You can view the values for the different SnapMirror options by using the options command.

Viewing SnapMirror options

system_A> options snapmirror.enable
snapmirror.enable            on

You can use the options snapmirror command to view the values for the SnapMirror options.

Similarly, you can use the options replication command to view the values for the replication options.

The following table lists the SnapMirror options that you can use, along with their corresponding functions:

Option Function Default value
snapmirror.enable {on|off} Specifies whether SnapMirror is enabled for the system.

Alternatively, you can use the snapmirror on and snapmirror off commands.

Attention: After changing the snapmirror.enable option to off, you should wait for at least 60 seconds before changing the option back to on. This ensures that all subsequent SnapMirror transfers work.
snapmirror.access host=list

list is a comma-separated list of the host names of allowed systems.

Specifies the SnapMirror destinations that are allowed to copy from the system.

You can also use the /etc/snapmirror.allow file to specify the allowed destinations. However, using the snapmirror.access option is the preferred method. When the option is set to legacy, access is controlled by the /etc/snapmirror.allow file.

Note: If both the snapmirror.access option and the /etc/snapmirror.allow file are used, the snapmirror.access option takes precedence. This can affect the initialization of SnapMirror relationships.
snapmirror.log.enable {on|off} Specifies whether SnapMirror activity is logged in the /etc/log/snapmirror.x files. on

use_auto_resync {on|off}

Specifies automatic resynchronization for synchronous SnapMirror relationships. off

reserved_transfers n

Specifies the number of reserved transfers for SnapMirror volumes.

n is a variable number, and depends on the system model.


reserved_transfers n

Specifies the number of reserved transfers for SnapVault and SnapMirror qtrees.

n is a variable number, and depends on the system model.

snapmirror.volume.local_nwk_bypass.enable Specifies whether local Snapmirror transfer optimization is enabled.
Note: If this option is set to on, the replication.throttle.enable option and the snapmirror throttle option settings will not have an impact on SnapMirror transfers within the same system.

For more information about SnapMirror options, see the na_options man page.